Access to Wolfram Programming Lab for participants

Our friends at Wolfram Research have issued us with a set of free access codes to Wolfram Programming Lab, a very friendly, and easy to use introduction to the Wolfram Language. Your code will provide you with immediate access to Programming Lab and remain valid all the way to the end of the workshop.

If you’ve already registered for our workshop, please leave a comment below with a way for me to get in touch. Once I’ve verified your registration, I’ll be able to share the code with you. Browsing and working your way through the annotated examples (‘explorations’) in the Lab will make your participation at the workshop even more enjoyable since you’ll immediately start the workshop at a higher level. This short video will show you everything you need to get started.

Even if you haven’t registered for the workshop, and are uncertain about attending, it’s still worth your while to look over the site. Anyone can get free access to at least a limited selection of the Programming Lab and as such remains an excellent means for getting a taste of the Wolfram Language.

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