Geocomputing, Geovisualization, and Semantic Import (Day 3)

An introduction to semantic import, geographic visualization and geocomputing (Group)

An introduction to methods and functions for drawing on the curated Wolfram Knowledgebase. For example, for automatically detecting and interpreting dates and cities in a spreadsheet or from a natural language query). On this basis, we’ll learn how to work with geographic data, create maps, and carry out geographic calculations.

Semantic import, geographic visualization and geocomputing applications (Marco Thiel)

Demonstrations and step-by-step explanations explanations of semantic import and interpretation based on the Wolfram Knowledgebase, geographic visualization, and geocomputing applications drawn from humanities research data and related examples.

Lab: Practice exercises and consolidation (Group)

An opportunity to ask questions, and to review and practice what was learned earlier in the day.

Course Material

Day 3 (.zip archive) ~ 251MB