About Shift+Enter

Shift+Enter is the companion site to the Wolfram Language data science workshops taught at the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School.

The first workshop, Analysing Humanities Data: An Introduction to Knowledge-Based Computing with the Wolfram Language, was held on July 4–8th, 2016. The focus of the 2017 workshop will be Exploring Machine Learning.

Over the next months, we’ll be posting more workshop related information here including sample projects, code examples, textbook reviews and whatever else we can think of.. In the meantime, feel free to browse through and download the resources we previously uploaded for the 2016 workshop.

Please subscribe to our RSS/Atom feed or follow us on Twitter (@analyse_humdata #ShiftEnter #DHOxSS) to share your thoughts and keep up to date with all the latest news related to the workshop. For all other general inquiries about the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School, please contact the event organizers.