Hackathon, Wolfram Cloud & Next Steps (Day 5)

Deploying and sharing your apps online in the Wolfram Cloud (Group)

Learn how to create an interactive web application which can be deployed in the cloud with a public API for others to access and re-use.

Team-based Hackathon! (Group)

Split into small teams, think of an idea for a small, fun app (perhaps using your own data) and finish coding it in just two hours, all the time closely assisted by your course instructors.

Next Steps: Wolfram Language learning and community resources (Arno Bosse)

A review, from a beginner’s perspective, of the different resources available to you for extending your knowledge of the Wolfram Language after the summer school. These include Mathematica’s interactive notebook-based help and online documentation, step-by-step how-to guides, sample code from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, a variety of introductory and intermediate level textbooks, the official Wolfram Community, and Mathematica Stack Exchange.

Course Materials

Day5 (.zip archive)